Meet the Team

We have an array of talent in our network, meet just some of the awesome humans that make our shows possible!

Lottie has managed our latest project The Nutcracker and assembled our wonderful team, giving rise to Stagecraft Collective!

She is responsible for coordinating the show and played the Sugarplum Fairy with her multiple hoop act and LED wings.

Lottie Lucid: Manager

Jamii has been our choreographer on a number of projects and creative director of the Nutcracker. She selected this years theme and put in her creative expertise as well as mixing the music for our show.

Jamii: Creative Director

Aaron is an experienced fire performer and excellent actor. He played the part of the toy making uncle in the show. We loved his charisma and charm as well as his help backstage making sure everything fit health and safety requirements. This outfit and costume by Pantheatrix.

Aaron: Actor

Shaun is a natural showman and entertainer, he was our narrator in the show setting the story and interacting with the crowd. Shaun is the front man of the band Bomo Swing and is a talented lyricist and funny too!

Shaun: Narrator

DFA Studios provided our kids street dance team and the stars of the show Oscar and Olivia, playing the Nutcracker Doll and the Princess. Big thanks to Stella for making this possible!

DFA: Dancers

Chelsey & Jenny from Hoola Cru provided the fire and atmosphere as well as some stunning LED hooping as Candycane Girls

Cordy and Jasmin from Steamship Circus collaborated with Hoola Cru and brought their dragon staff and fire bug to the show

Nicky is our amazing belly dancer and got an awesome reaction from the crowd! She is a fantastic performer and teacher.

Nicky: Bellydancer

Joshua is our incredible sword fighter who has trained Shaolin style sword fighting in China. He played King Rat and added a whole new dimension to the show as he scurried around and terrorised the audience!

Joe is our talented and passionate drummer who has heaps of energy and inspiration, always!

JD Gilbey: Drummer

Laurie is our incredible face painter who provided a second to none service for our show. Available to hire for events and parties, let us know if you need a face painter.

Laurie : Facepainting Artist

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